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Tradition and ingenuity do not always need to be at odds. When a balance is struck, growth occurs.

Tender, New York-based songstress Gabrielle B., born Gabrielle Bruner, is what happens when talent and fundamentals meet progressive sound. The neo-soul genre has come to mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Like personal favorites Jhene Aiko and Lauryn Hill, Gabrielle’s music demonstrates an understanding that soul fundamentals are as important to the equation as anything else.

Songs like “No One Else (But You)” and “Easy” let a simplistic but elegant musical backdrop boost original, emotive songwriting. But occasionally soft mood music gives way to the edge of scorned love. Gabrielle’s music is, above all else, honest self-reflection shared with an audience.

“It is not at all hard to imagine B. as one of the city’s most popular artists in the near future,” Oklahoma Gazette wrote in a review of the singer-songwriter’s 2017 EP Shift.

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“Everybody is half dead. Everybody avoids everybody. All over the place, in most situations, most all the time. I know, I’m one of those ‘everybodies,’ and to me it is terrible. So, all I’m trying to do all the time is just open people up so they can feel themselves and let themselves be open to somebody else. That is all. That’s it.” Those famous words, spoken by Nina Simone, open Brooklyn artist Gabrielle B.’s new EP, Feel Something

Kicking off any material with Simone’s wise and illuminating voice is an ambitious undertaking, but Gabrielle B. does it in order to create a space for surrendering to feelings of love, gratitude, pleasure, and recognition. Gabrielle’s voice is lovely, with occasional vocal flourishes that evoke Beyoncé’s signature style; it’s a pleasure to listen to. Each thoughtful track indeed makes you feel something: longing, love, desire. It’s a confident debut by an artist who knows where she comes from and where she’s heading.  

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“[new entry] no.2 r&b album of the day: “feel something” by gabrielle b.”

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“Bandcamp has already picked “Feel Something” as one of their top Soul hits of April. “I’m calling this project Feel Something because that’s essentially what I want people to do when listening to it, is to simply feel something. Whether it be love, joy, lust, nostalgia or all of the above.” You truly get all of the above in this, with Gabrielle choosing to sing over a variety of sounds – some cheerful, some trippy, some more hip-hop influenced, some influenced by the past. All of it is absolutely beautiful.”

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